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Situated near Tarpon Springs Road and Gunn Highway in Odessa, Florida, is picturesque Lake Calm, the town’s third largest lake and part of the Brooker Creek watershed.

Offering 126 acres of fresh water, Lake Calm is a delight for resident boaters, skiers and fishermen. As one of the highest bodies of water above sea level in Hillsborough County, it is not fed by nearby bodies of water. Its depth and shorelines vary, based on rainfall amounts and weather conditions.

Like most lakes in Hillsborough County, Lake Calm is private, which enhances the property value of the land surrounding it. Lake home owners have a vested interest in maintaining the quality and natural balance of the lake, and they work together to protect it. The community has a quiet, country-like atmosphere with plenty of open space and nicely wooded home sites on acreage for privacy.

Many of Lake Calm’s waterfront homes are family ranch, cabin or cottage style, constructed in the 1960s through 80s. Recently, some older homes have been replaced with million-dollar lakefront estates. With private lake views and docks, large lots and winding driveways with private-entry gates, these luxury properties are a dream come true … with a lakefront lifestyle to match! Lake life can be leisurely or not. Step out back for all kinds of water activities, from fishing and boating, to skiing or exploring! Or, relax, sun and entertain along the shore. Sizzling sunsets reflecting over the water will soothe your soul! Now, that’s the perfect way to end a day, Florida style.

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