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The aptly named, Lake Pretty, is 79 acres of picture-perfect fresh water situated off Hutchinson Road east of Gunn Highway in Odessa, Florida. One of the most desired lakes in the area, Pretty is part of a lake chain, including Josephine Lake, Rock Lake and Politz Lake, that integrates into the Rocky Brushy Creek Watershed of Hillsborough County.

Many lake homes on Pretty’s shores are cottage-style properties built in the 1960s through 80s. Originally, they were winter retreats shared within families but, over the years, they have been renovated and expanded to suit full-time residents with growing families. Spectacular million-dollar lakefront estates also border Lake Pretty in the Northbridge Subdivision, which was developed in the early 2000s. Everything on the lake is privately owned. There is no public access, so residents have a vested interest in protecting keeping its spring-fed waters pristine.

What’s life like on Lake Pretty? Home owners say their lake hosts great skiing, boating and even a slalom water ski course for serious water sports enthusiasts! For relaxation, families fish for blue gill, speckled perch, bass and catfish. Want to know more? Picture towering cypress trees draped in Spanish moss and sunsets reflected on the water. Think warm summer strolls and picnics along the shore.

Lake Pretty homes offer a taste of Old World Florida with leisure and luxury all wrapped up in one!

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